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EU regulation

Some amendments and additions to the Environmental Protection Law of the Republic of Estonia entered into force in accordance to the resolutions of the European Parliament № 842/2006 and № 1005/2009. The amendments and additions concerning of equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases and substances that deplete the ozone layer. The changes affect the issues of certification of companies and personnel, requirements of record keeping, reporting and labelling of equipment.

In accordance to the new requirements:

  1. Only certified companies having an appropriate permission, issued by the Department of Environment are allowed to carry any operations with the refrigeration equipment, air conditioners and heat pumps, including installation, maintenance, leak detection and repairing.
  2. All specialists involved in installation, maintenance and repairing of refrigeration equipment, air conditioners and heat pumps are required to undergo re-certification and get a new professional license to continue executing their duties.
  3. All companies working with equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases are required to be certified. The certification program includes a check of having of calibrated instruments, equipment and tools required for leak detection, recovery and charge of the refrigerant. The certification program also includes mandatory testing of working methods of the companies, checking conditions of storage, transportation and utilization of hazardous substances, compliance with the rules of registration and equipment labelling. Company does not have right to apply for certification if its employees do not have a professional license.
  4. Owners of refrigeration equipment, air conditioners and heat pumps have to conclude a contract for regular maintenance with a company that is certified by the Department of Environment.
  5. The owners of equipment containing more than 3 kg of fluorinated greenhouse gases have to register their systems in a database FOKA (Register of equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases). The unique identification code will be assigned to the equipment after registering. This code must be labelled on the equipment. All information about the regular maintenance works and any additional works must be recorded in the service book.

The owners of equipment, that have not concluded a contract to the regular maintenance, uncertified companies, as well as companies that gave the rights of operation to a person who do not have a professional license will be penalized up to 6400 €!

Our company ComfortAir OÜ has successfully passed the certification and got the license No. FKKL/323030 for handling of stationary refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment units containing fluorinated greenhouse gases.